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About Us

A passion for the flavours of the East inspired the concept of SpiceMecca. In 1994 Shreef Abass launched SpiceMecca, a spice and ancillaries business, with the vision of selling conveniently blended, pure ground spices to the public. This vision with a purpose, forms part of SpiceMecca's business philosophy, founded on the principles of professionalism, quality, productivity and a generous measure of optimism. This has
catapulted SpiceMecca into a leading brand. Over the next twenty years, SpiceMecca has acquired a rather intuitive relationship with spice, becoming the most visible icon of great taste and a healthy lifestyle.
SpiceMecca is expanding its operations and gearing itself towards becoming an international company of choice through a competitive supply chain and the manufacture of convenient and ‘Cook Easy' products.
We believe that by socialising around food we break down barriers and get to know each other better and hence become united as a nation. Despite our diversities we encourage people of the world to unite by sharing their cuisine with each other.