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SpiceMecca sources its products worldwide to create its well known range of freshly ground spice blends such as BBQ, Chicken Braai, BBQ Garlic and Lemon, Curries, Herbs, Whole and Ground Spices, These are available in sizes ranging from 6g to I kg, catering for all customer preferences. Furthermore, SpiceMecca distributes fresh dates, rice, legumes, breyani and aknie packs.
Some well known products include:
Full range of original SpiceMecca generic spices;
• Tastes of the Cape and Tastes of India premium ranges;
SpiceMecca Chicken and Meat Coating, Chilli Bite Mix and Haleem Mix;
• The Cook Easy range which includes Waffle/Pancake/Flapjack, Fritter, Vetkoek, and the  world's very first Koeksister Quickmix;
SpiceMecca Syrups and Flavourants;
• Saffron Gold;
• Full range of Rice and Legumes;
Full range of SpiceMecca Real Dates (for table and baking)
TasteMecca Vermicelli